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100th Anniversary Resin Carving

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Item Number: 1263    Price: $165.00
You are looking at a great piece of artwork depicting the first 100 years of the greatest American icon About the artist: Kim Murray is an architectural wood-relief artist born in Toronto. His work is of art that shows remarkable clarity in the fine details. Each carving demonstrates his natural ability to create a sense of depth and perspective. About the Carvings: The original carvings are made of mahogany wood and require a production time of anywhere from a month, for a small picture, to a year, for the larger, more detailed ones. Designs are produced with the use of only a mallet and various chisels. The pictures are then reproduced in a unique concept wood. composition of cold cast resin and ground maple chips. Each individual reproduction is then meticulously hand finished. Two coats of an old master mahogany stain are applied and hand rubbed to highlight and emphasize every detail. This great looking piece depicts the outside of a Harley Davidson shop. A leather clad rider stands outside the building looking through the display window. This ?wood carving? shows great accurate detail from the three bikes shown to the brickwork and lighting in the dealership and the 100 year anniversary HD logo. The piece is approximately 23? X 19?. The back holds the story of the first 100 years of Harley Davidson complete with a company timeline. Information about the artist and the carvings are also on the back.